About Us

We are a small family run business from Brisbane.

We supply 12v solutions to help people get out and explore what this country has to offer.

Our focus is providing parts and equipment we trust and have tested ourselves.

Using our extensive background in the automotive electrical industry along with our passion for camping and travel, we aim to help people choose the best 12v solution to suit their needs and plans.


As relatively new parents we were quick to learn that camping and little getaways changes a bit when you start to have kids.

We were both regular campers and were used to just packing the essentials and taking off for the weekend up the beach etc.


Our first day trip to the beach with a baby was an eye opener for us as we realised how much equipment we now required. The thought of camping was a little daunting, wondering how to make the trip enjoyable not only for us but for our beautiful daughter.

We realised that many new parents may be reluctant to tackle camping and travel outdoors


As an auto electrician Adam has spent his whole career equipping customers vehicles with 12v  items and solutions to suit their needs, and in this time has worked with many different brands and products across the market.

Using this experience and our passion for camping and travel, we want to help everyone including young families become motivated and enthusiastic to start new adventures together.


We’ll show you that you don’t need a $60k ute with $20k in modifications to start this journey.

We aim to share some beautiful camping areas with you and your family and some more remote off grid spots for when you’re ready.


We choose to sell products that we have tried and tested with a focus on quality over quantity and we hope to help you choose the right setup to suit your needs.