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BLA Marine Performance Series

12v & 24v 7amp Battery Charger

12v & 24v 7amp Battery Charger

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BLA Marine Performance Series 

7amp Battery Charger With Lithium Profile

The BLA Marine Performance Portable Battery Charger is a compact, multi voltage charger ideal as a general purpose charger for boats, caravans and vehicles alike. It is suitable for most types of 12V & 24V batteries, including flooded, gel, AGM and lithium (12V only) and includes a memory feature to retain last used chemistry and voltage settings. Included with the charger are 2 charging cables, one with alligator clips and the other with ring terminals, both with a quick fit connection.

• 12V – 7A, 24V – 3.5A output
• Suited to multiple battery chemistries – flooded, gel, AGM & lithium (12V only)
• Water, dust resistant – IP65 rating
• Power supply mode
• Quick connect alligator clips, or ring terminal connections




BLA Marine Performance Series


25x11x11 cm



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